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Essentials: Berry Tones Lifestyle Magazine Weekly Essentials

I got a lot of new essentials since I posted my last “This Weeks Essentials” article. So, let’s start with the “berry tone” ones.

I found this unique and lovely cosmetic bag a few years ago in Istanbul and I am still in love with it. It’s pretty cool to find unique things like the bag while travelling because it always reminds you to this special and exciting exploration days.

The body lotion is from one of my favourite organic cosmetic brands Ringana, which is an Austrian based company. They have a huge range of amazing products available and I can recommend all of those I’ve tried already!

The CHANEL N°5 perfume is my all-time favourite and even I bought some other ones, I am always coming back to this classic one. Another important autumn/winter/fall essentials is the bordeaux Essie colour, because it looks so classic and elegant.

The beautiful case is from Vivienne Westwood and it was a birthday present from my lovely best friend Matti. Thanks again therefore sweetie! Lifestyle Magazine Weekly Essentials Lifestyle Magazine Weekly Essentials

NO NAME cosmetic bag (sorry!) | RINGANA body lotion | ESSIE nail polish and top coat | CHANEL N°5 perfume | VIVIENNE WESTWOOD purse | ILOVEBLOSSOM chains | MORAWA notebook Lifestyle Magazine Weekly Essentials Lifestyle Magazine Weekly Essentials

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