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My Way of Life

How to find your Life’s Passion

She already found it… she found her passion and it is amazing to see! Finding MY passion started with a quote from my dad while we attened a concert last summer. He was talking to some friends and at some point he got really serious and told them “the only important thing in life is, not to regret a thing”. I stood next to him, starred at him and the scales have fallen from my eyes: It is true… don’t regret anything in life!


Packing List for Travel

Since being home, I have packed for several weekends in Vienna and London, for surfing in Spain, for a quick trip to Graz and of course for Cape Town. I pretty much pack the same basics and essentials with minor modifications depending on location, climate, duration and occasion. But all in all, it’s a solid basic packing list which I wanna share with you.


Column: Short Term Resident

I was born and raised in a small and beautiful town in Upper Austria. The town is located within a picturesque landscape with mountains and a beautiful lake and I really loved growing up there. After I graduated high school, I decided to move to Vienna for several reasons. Especially because I wanted to live the “busy city-life” with all of it’s positive and negative aspects. I really enjoyed the 7 years in Vienna and I am so thankful for all these amazing people I met and friends I got. After months of private turbulences I decided to leave this city and this life, to clear my mind and to find new perspectives.


Pre-Workout Surfen

Für Sportarten die entweder ein Brett oder den Kontakt mit Wasser beinhalten bin ich immer zu haben, wenn es das Ganze dann auch noch in einer Kombi gibt, dann bin ich logischerweise hellauf begeistert. Da Surfen aber leider keine Sportart ist, die von einem Tag auf den anderen erlernbar ist, müssen Personen wie ich – die leider nicht im Genuss eines Strandes vor der Haustüre stehen – ihre Urlaube wohlweislich einteilen um ihr Können Schritt für Schritt zu “optimieren”. Daher gönne ich mir im Jänner noch eine Session und fliege – unter anderem – zum Surfen nach Kapstadt.