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How to find your Life’s Passion

She already found it… she found her passion and it is amazing to see! Finding MY passion started with a quote from my dad while we attened a concert last summer. He was talking to some friends and at some point he got really serious and told them “the only important thing in life is, not to regret a thing”. I stood next to him, starred at him and the scales have fallen from my eyes: It is true… don’t regret anything in life!

My dad is a nonconformist by nature, best expressed by the fact that, if he wants something, there was no option to stop him. It didn’t matter how the system worked or what people around him thought or do. He set his own rules and told us to do the same.

These two traits — being unafraid to go after what I want and the approach to not regret anything in life — defined who I am today.

By the time I moved to the Vienna when I was 19, I knew that I wasn’t going to accept an average 9-to-6 as a career. My time had to be spend on something big, all encompassing and long term and, most importantly, something I would be really passionate about and could really get behind. And I found it… I found that analysing and building something around opportunities I discover is what I’m truly motivated by. So I started to translate this “research result” into all aspects of my life to find passion in every corner of my world.

Start to find YOUR passion in life with the following steps:

1. Step: Write a list of your interests

Go get a piece of paper and a pen and start. Write out a list of all the things you’ve always wanted to try. You can even make it “bucket list” or a list of “things you want to do before you die.” Doesn’t matter what you call it or what form it takes. Include as many things on that list that excite you as possible. Anything you can think of.

List of passions. passion examples needed?
Sports & Outdoors:
  • Traveling
  • Hiking
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain climbing
  • Surfing.. my absolut favourite one
  • Gardening
  • Sailing.. go and find a yacht club
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Camping
  • Swimming
  • Kite boarding.. I really have to try it
  • Skateboarding.. Have to try/learn it too
  • Slack lining
  • Running.. another favourite one
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Writing
  • Painting
  • Shopping.. yep, for is this a creative point
Food related Hobbies:
  • Baking
  • Barbecue and grilling
  • Home brewing wine/beer.. and don’t forget the invite me for a “result-tasting”
  • Cake decorating
  • Wine tasting.. sounds like a great idea
  • Tea tasting.. sounds like fun
Performing Arts:
  • Dancing.. look at the passion in her eyes while dancing in the video above
  • Amateur theatre
  • Poetry reading
  • Storytelling
  • Acting
  • Modeling
  • Learn an instrument
  • Composing music
  • Singing
  • Karaoke.. even if you can’t sing an option
Online Hobbies:
  • Blogging
  • Online chatting
  • Online cating.. become the next Tinder-queen
  • Online music.. start a Youtube Channel
  • Social networking.. find similar minded friends
2. Digging Into Your List

Now some of the interests and experiences on your list might be impossible to put into action anytime soon. BUT if one becomes important enough to you that you’re willing to put in the time and energy and make it happen, it’s a very good candidate for something you can become passionate about. So do it.

3. When you know something is not working, quit fast

Many people hate their jobs, partners, even friends and know that they want to do something different with their time, but stay in for a long time nonetheless. You’re not getting younger… so do something. The main reason for not leaving is normally JUST that haven’t actually figured out what it is that you want to do. This thinking is flawed because you won’t learn or discover your ideal career or passion by sitting around and thinking about it. If the current situation isn’t working, you need to find something else.

What happens when you leave even without knowing what you will do next is that, suddenly, figuring out your next steps becomes urgent. That urgency may be a bit uncomfortable, but it can also be incredibly powerful because it frees you up to invest all of your energy into finding the next thing. Finding the next thing goes from optional to required… that’s what I am actually doing.

4. ALWAYS keep in mind: Don’t make money your primary consideration

If you’re looking to spend your life doing something you love, the best way to start is to treat financial concerns as secondary.

5. Finally… just do it
6. Enjoy it
7. Talk about your experiences to influence and help others

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