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I am in love with porridge for years now, but when my lovely friend Bianca initiated me into her  “super special porridge procedure” I felt even more in love than ever  and YES it is as tasty as it looks like! Lifestyle Magazine Food Porridge (5 of 5)

The ingredients for two portions:

  • Oatmeal: I prefer the fine-leaved one because I love the final texture you get with that kind of oatmeal
  • Water… yes water instead of milk
  • 1 Kiwi
  • 1 Apple: I prefer the crispy ones
  • All types of berries
  • Cinnamon
  • Rough minced nuts
  • Maple syrup

First of all wash the fruits with hot! water to clean it from pesticides. Then take a a pot and a cup.

Fill the cup up to 1/4 with oatmeal and put it into the pot. Then fill the cup up to 2/4 with water and also put it into to pot.

In the meantime start cutting the apple and the kiwi into small pieces (the smaller the faster ready) and give it into the pot as well.

Now you have to wait around 5 up to 7 minutes and I always use this “waiting position” to get my tea and coffee ready.

When the porridge hast the texture you prefer include some cinnamon to get a very special and unique touch and then you can put the result into your favourite bowl. Decorate it with your berries, nuts and the maple syrup and start enjoying.

That’s it… super healthy, super fast and super tasty!! Lifestyle Magazine Food Porridge (3 of 5) Lifestyle Magazine Food Porridge (2 of 5)

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