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Fitness: My beloved Running Playlist


A few years ago I started my running career. I was completely unfit at this time and the years/months before I always made jokes of my friends who trained regularly… but the reason was, that I hadn’t had the need before.

Everything started after I realized that there are definitely too many thoughts going around in my head and I tried to find a way to reduce this pretty unhealthy condition and I found out, that running is the best recipe for that kind of stress.

I love listen to music as long as I remember, therefore I started to create my personal running playlists – as every runner I guess – and from that time on, it always was a pleasure to go running because I knew that my new songs were waiting for me.

Now I want to share my actual running playlist with you to motivate as many of you as possible! Enjoy it and don’t forget to stay fit and healthy!

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