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Effortless Rust Look

Lifestyle Magazine Effortless Blazer Look

I am showing you today the look I wore last Saturday while I was meeting the lovely Megan from The whole look is based on my new -70% Sale blazer and I LOVE the colour because it makes every outfit so unique.

The best part of being in Cape Town in winter is, that I can still wear all my spring/fall styles which I brought with me from Austria (Yep, I try to focus on the positive things..)! Especially, because the last few weeks were really hard for me. Beside the fact that I’m still new to Cape Town – which means sometimes I’m completely lost (with going to a doctor, with the health insurance stuff, how to open the bonnet,…)  –  the fact that I have WEEKLY dentist appointments and that I’m sick since weeks drives me crazy.

But at least I found a new favourite colour…. rust! Love you new blazer!!

MANGO blazer | HOLY blouse | H&M jeans | ZIGN boots
Lifestyle Magazine Effortless Blazer Look (13 of 13) Lifestyle Magazine Effortless Blazer Look (2 of 13)Lifestyle Magazine Effortless Blazer LookLifestyle Magazine Effortless Blazer Look (1 of 13)

Thanks to for the amazing pictures! <3


  1. Thank you for allowing me to photograph you Stephanie!

    You are a beautiful person, inside and out.

    With time, things will get better in Cape Town

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