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Packing List for Travel

Since being home, I have packed for several weekends in Vienna and London, for surfing in Spain, for a quick trip to Graz and of course for Cape Town. I pretty much pack the same basics and essentials with minor modifications depending on location, climate, duration and occasion. But all in all, it’s a solid basic packing list which I wanna share with you.


Influencer Marketing Guide

Influencer Marketing Definition:

What is an Influencer?

An influencer has the ability to change behaviors or impact purchase decisions in a given context. Influencers are “normal” people, who are often connected to key roles of media outlets, consumer groups, industry associations or community tribes. On the social web, influencers have earned an engaged audience by producing content on specific topics.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a marketing strategy which focus on specific key individuals rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers to meet a business goal by building mutually beneficial relationships.


How to Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy

So, why you should concentrate yourself to digital marketing opportunities while you set up a business strategy? So, why is digital marketing so important? Because it is not only a rapidly growing force in the current marketing playing field, it is set to be the future of marketing, and it seems likely that digital media will soon replace more traditional forms altogether.

Additional, digital marketing is infinitely more affordable than traditional offline marketing methods. But one of the main benefits of conducting your marketing digitally is the ease with which results can be tracked and monitored. Rather than conducting expensive customer research, you can quickly view customer response rates and measure the success of your marketing campaign in real-time, enabling you to plan more effectively for the next one.

Digital is also fundamentally shifting the competitive landscape in many sectors. It allows new entrants to come from unexpected places. We’re seeing banks get into the travel business in some countries. We’re seeing travel agents get into the insurance business. We’re seeing retailers go into the media business. So your competitor set is not what it used to be.

So, what is about the strategy set-up? To set-up a digital strategy is the process of identifying, articulating and executing on digital opportunities that will increase your organisation’s competitive advantage… let’s start!


Column: Short Term Resident

I was born and raised in a small and beautiful town in Upper Austria. The town is located within a picturesque landscape with mountains and a beautiful lake and I really loved growing up there. After I graduated high school, I decided to move to Vienna for several reasons. Especially because I wanted to live the “busy city-life” with all of it’s positive and negative aspects. I really enjoyed the 7 years in Vienna and I am so thankful for all these amazing people I met and friends I got. After months of private turbulences I decided to leave this city and this life, to clear my mind and to find new perspectives.


Spring Layering

I really love city-trips with all of the exciting expedition walks, the extended restaurant visits and the shopping experiences. It doesn’t matter how far you go for these kind of trips, it just depends on the company and the city spirit. I visited Graz last weekend with my lovely and pregnant cousin Elisabeth and because of the fact, that it was probably our last girly-weekend for the next few years, we really enjoyed this amazing and beautiful city.


How to find New Business Objectives

Your business is successful, your clients are happy, your employees enjoy their work but you want more? Then it’s time to have a look at potential new business objectives. It doesn’t matter if your are a business owner, an agency CEO or just a “normal” employee. I promise you, if there is a good idea there will be a way to implement this idea.


Porridge Love 2.0

I am in love with porridge for years now, but when my lovely friend Bianca initiated me into her  “super special porridge procedure” I felt even more in love than ever  and YES it is as tasty as it looks like!


White Lace Love

I am huge lace fan and I am looking for those special and pretty feminine tops since years, finally the trend arrived in the stores as well and now I am the proud owner of around 5 different tops… Cha-Ching!

Grey on White

There is one look which always makes me feel good: A cozy coat in combination with leather pants and my favourite boots. To be able to wear it more often is one of the main reasons why I am looking forward to welcome Spring.